Piler enterprise documentation#

Generic notes#

Procedural documentation

GDPR related notes

Piler Verfahrensdokumentation Enterprise Edition

New features in 1.8.x#

New features in 1.8.0

For end users#

End user guide to piler enterprise edition

For administrators#

Release notes

Upgrading piler enterprise

Migrating from sphinx to manticore

Installing piler enterprise edition

Administering Piler enterprise edition

Importing / exporting emails

Configuring the mail server for email archiving with Piler enterprise edition

Using the REST API

Authenticate against Azure AD

Authenticate against AWS Cognito

Authenticate against Google Workspace


Video tutorials#

The bucket feature (10 min)

Installing piler enterprise on a single ubuntu focal node (9 min)

End user guide to the GUI, part #1: basic features (11 min)

End user guide to the GUI, part #2: searching (12 min)

Setting up LDAP authentication in the GUI (4 min)

Creating customers in a multi-tenant deployment (12 min)